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Tom Treanor

Thomas Treanor – New York

All Star Baby Proofing

Thomas Treanor is the owner of All Star Baby Proofing, a professional childproofing company serving New York from Manhattan to Montauk and into parts of Connecticut. After gaining experience by working with another childproofer, Thomas started his business in 1999.

Thomas is certified as an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer and was one of the IAFCS members who pushed for this type of certification in the field. Thomas has always taken his own training seriously and carefully evaluates the quality of all the products he installs. He was concerned that something as critical to child safety as childproofing lacked certification standards. “This industry needed it.” explains Thomas. “An electrician or a plumber needs to be certified in some way before entering your home and doing work. Childproofers needed to have standards as well. There is too much risk to the children if products are not installed correctly.”

Selecting quality products

A big part of doing quality childproofing work is selecting the right safety products to install for clients. Talking with other IAFCS members and keeping up with new products, Thomas has learned which products really work. “We won’t sell anything that doesn’t make sense or we can’t stand behind.” says Treanor. It can be hard for consumers to make the correct choice with all the child safety products available. It is often difficult for families to understand what products are well-made or which will fit best in their homes.

Thomas enjoys the variety of day to day work as a childproofer. Thomas has sometimes gone to extremes to install childproofing equipment. He has found himself working outside on a balcony 30 stories high installing railing guards.

In addition, installing products is time consuming. Thomas says his clients are often surprised just how long it takes to install items like baby gates correctly. He often hears parents say “It would have taken my husband weeks of nights & weekends or it never would have gotten done, or not done right.”

Streamlining the process by email

Thomas gives paid consultations in person, but since the flood of smartphones with cameras much of the preliminary work can be minimized by using email and photos. A client can send him a photo and the dimensions of a staircase that needs to be gated.  Thomas will email an estimate and schedule an installation date, eliminating the need for a consultation. He will come prepared to install multiple cabinet locks, furniture straps, gates and plastic or mesh railing guards in just one visit.