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Nancy Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds – Quebec

Babysecure Inc

Nancy Reynolds is the owner of Babysecure Inc, the longest running babyproofing company in Canada, and the mother of three adult children. She is an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer, and a founding member of the IAFCS, serving as chairperson of their Product Information Committee. She travels to juvenile product shows, searching out new safety products for industry updates for IAFCS members, and coordinates a show of new products for their annual meetings.

What is your favorite thing about working as a childproofer?

Seeing when the light bulb goes off and parents realize how the safety measures are not just about preventing injuries, but how they also help with childhood development and their relationship with their children. Parents realize that childproofing allows their children to explore and learn in safe surroundings . With the opportunity to learn through discovery, their children will be more likely to become self-sufficient, confident individuals.

Describe one of your most challenging childproofing situations and how you made it work.

One of the more challenging cases I encountered involved helping a couple who were Canadian diplomats being assigned as ambassadors to a Caribbean island. Because it was not their home, they could only have temporary measures made. They needed something to block the bottom of a wide large staircase and keep children from the railings on both sides. This gate needed to be removed when they had receptions.

We did this all remotely from pictures they took of the house and they had the gate parts sent in the container of their belongings when they moved. It ended up working perfectly and the couple was very pleased.

What is one of the most common overlooked hazards in the home?

People are most often surprised to learn that the door stops with the plastic tips are something children could choke on. Also, parents sometimes overlook the vents at the top or bottom of fireplace inserts. Little fingers might pull them open get into the wires and controls behind the panel.

Describe a typical childproofing job.

My Home Safety Survey is like an informational seminar about hazards and what measures or products are available to create a safer home. Based on that information, I write up an estimate.

Usually I recommend that people have me install the gates and latches, as it can be more complicated to adapt these products to individual circumstances. With my experience I can put them in safely and quicker. Most jobs include three or four gates and 12 to 25 latches in a kitchen plus bathroom latches. I will install various other products as chosen by the client, such as outlet covers, door locks, bath mats, and padding.

What else would you like to share?

Many people seek me out because they have a problem they cannot find the solution for themselves. Some families are concerned that childproofing will be too expensive. They then realize that I can offer better quality products which will last longer and be effective, along with knowledgeable installation. Because most of the childproofing is done at one time, the childproofing list might seem long. However, this avoids many little trips to store. Parents will have the peace of mind knowing that high-quality products are installed correctly.