Top Babyproofing Stories

COVID-19 Update

It’s important to review your home for hazards and take preventative steps to keep your children safe and prevent ER visits. Our pros are available to help–give them a call or consider a video-conference. Also, scroll through our website for home safety checklists and tips.

Kitchen Safety Tips

As one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, the kitchen can present a number of dangers for your baby or child. Check out these tips to learn how you can prevent injuries.

TV Safety – Don’t Forget to Anchor!

Did you purchase a new TV to watch the big game? Whether you have a new TV or older ones, please anchor them to protect your children from a tip-over tragedy. Both older CRT “tube” TVs and newer flat-panel TVs can be serious home hazards if not properly placed and anchored.

10 Home Pool & Hot Tub Safety Tips

10 Tips for Pool & Hot Tub Safety: Keep your children and other youngsters safe this summer around the pool.