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Kim Finkbeiner – Pennsylvania

Babyproofing Pittsburgh

In addition to being a professional childproofer, Kim works part-time as a home health Physical Therapist. She’s been a member of the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) since 2000, providing childproofing services in and around the Pittsburgh area, where she was born and raised. As an authorized and trained distributor and installer of Protect-A-Child mesh pool fences, Kim and her husband Robert have also been making pools child-safe for clients for over a decade.

Kim started the business when her second child was born in order to have a more flexible schedule while raising her family and to scratch her entrepreneurial itch outside of her chosen profession. Treating both patients and customers in their homes has allowed her to use her overlapping training and knowledge in home safety and children’s motor development, as well as her experience and role as a mother raising two children, to the advantage of her childproofing customers.

“To assist clients in making their home environments a safer place for their children to explore and play, and giving them more peace of mind, continues to be a very rewarding aspect of working in this unique niche industry. Wanting to play a small role in reducing the risk of preventable child injuries and deaths in my community was the motivating force that drove me to open the doors of this business in the first place and drives me to keep them open. Over the years, and in consultation and collaboration with the IAFCS and my childproofer colleagues and various manufacturers in the child safety industry, I have field tested and become educated on the use, quality and installation of many safety products; it is a continual process. Parents and caregivers who don’t have the time, tools and/or expertise to childproof themselves choose to hire professional childproofers not only for getting the actual work done in a more efficient and convenient manner than they could themselves; they also hire us for our knowledge and experience in knowing which quality product options on the market are appropriate and recommended, and to assist them in meeting their specific needs, preferences, and budget. We can then order everything, bring the products to their homes, and install them correctly to ensure proper use.

Babyproofing Pittsburgh’s mission is to help parents take as much of the personal time, stress and hassle out of the childproofing process as possible and give them increased peace of mind by making their home a safer environment for their child(ren) to grow and develop. It’s a rewarding, physically exhausting job that I continue to be thankful for and enjoy.”