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Shane McNulty – Colorado

Child Safe

My name is Shane McNulty and I am the owner of Child Safe Childproofing, a company specializing in childproofing in Colorado. My wife, Nicole, and I are the lucky parents of three wonderful children. We felt it necessary to start a company that would inform parents about different safety measures that can be taken within their homes while at the same time offering educational resources about hidden dangers and proper childproofing.  It only takes an instant for an injury to occur! Within my career in law enforcement, I saw many child injuries that could have been prevented had the proper childproofing devices been used. I also worked for a construction company that specialized in home improvement projects, which gave me a great deal of experience with a wide range of skills from the most basic to more complex custom jobs. My wife worked as an assistant teacher in a preschool for several years with children ranging from two to five years in age. The recommendations that we at Child Safe Childproofing provide comes from the experience and knowledge we have gained from our past careers, education and our precious young children.

Completing the Job

Every home is different, as is every family’s situation.  Every job we do is truly customized to fit the needs of the family. We complete an in-home assessment where we walk room by room with the parents so we can discuss home hazards and hidden dangers, as well as explain how we can remedy the dangers.  We offer a full estimate up front after the assessment so our customers know exactly what to expect before we start the installation process.

Why do you like being a professional childproofer?

One of our biggest objectives is to be able to allow children the opportunity to safely explore and grow within their environment. This can be done through the correct product choices, together with the correct installation and use of childproofing products. Another very important aspect of our company is education. Often, I see shocked looks on my customers’ faces when I am pointing out overlooked risks and educating them about hazards present in their homes. Childproofing can be very overwhelming for parents and it is great to see the relief on parents’ faces when I tell them I can take care of their childproofing needs – it’s very rewarding!

Describe one of your most challenging childproofing situations.

As a father of three, the biggest challenge I have faced is making sure young children are safe with childproofing devices, while allowing older children to continue to learn and grow. For example, older children are learning new things such as potty training and need access to the bathroom at a moment’s notice, which we all know is not a safe place for an exploring toddler.

How do you stay up-to-date with the best products and best childproofing techniques?

I collaborate on a regular basis with other professional childproofers nationwide as well as manufacturers about the most up-to-date techniques and products available, as they are always evolving in the childproofing industry. I am a member of the International Association for Child Safety and also connect with other organizations that specialize in preventing child injuries.