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Kenn Macfie

Kenn Macfie – Ontario

Bullseye Child Safety

Kenn Macfie, owner of Bullseye Child Safety, has been in the childproofing industry since 1998, and has achieved the Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer designation. Kenn believes the A-CPC accreditation shows his dedication to his clients and keeps him informed of new techniques, trends, and products. Spending time with his son reminds him to always be on his toes.

Describe one of your most challenging child proofing situations and how you made it work.

A client had a side-by-side set of stairs to be gated. It was an older home with wrought iron railings and a low handrail in a narrow hallway. There were walls on the outsides – not overly difficult to work with, but we had to come up with a solution to extend the wrought iron on both sides, taking into consideration the angled stair runner on the left, the start of the downward stairs on the right, the low handrail, and the narrow hallway. Of course, making it look reasonable was a factor, too. I came up with an extension of the rails that did not damage them and allowed me to attach a gate to both sides of the extension. They looked professional, were very strong, and satisfied the customer. This is where experience helped me out.

What is one of the most commonly overlooked hazards in the home?

A simple overlooked hazard is floor vents. They are generally very easy to remove by a toddler. They make great hiding spots for food, toys, remote controls and almost anything else in sight. They are dirty and can be quite sharp. Double-sided foam tape is a simple yet inexpensive solution to keep the vents from being easily removed by a curious toddler.

How do you stay up to date with the best products and best childproofing techniques?

I attend the IAFCS conference where we discuss new child safety standards, new products and techniques, among other things. I receive newsletters from several safety organizations outlining recalls and new and upcoming laws about child safety.

What are the main reasons people choose to work with you, rather than do it themselves?

My clients usually recognize that a brother, father-in-law or spouse is not a professional in child safety. They value what a professional childproofer can bring to the table just like a dentist, electrician or plumber might. They also would rather spend time with their child(ren) than fighting with a gate for hours and not having a safe installation in the end. I am told I am very easy to work with and thus get lots of referrals from satisfied clients.

What else would you like to share?

Kenn shared, “Being a childproofer is not just a way to earn a living. I enjoy what I do and know what it is like to want my child to be safe. Since I have the skills and desire, I gladly help other parents. It truly is a good feeling knowing I have helped make a toddler’s world a safer place.”