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Dustin Dastrup – Arizona

Arizona Childproofers

Dustin Dastrup, of Arizona Childproofers, has been a childproofer for over ten years. Starting as a pool fence installer, he learned the childproofing side of the business very quickly and earned the Certified Professional Childproofer certification when it became available in 2010.

Dustin enjoys making a difference in families’ lives and feels that his clients appreciate his professionalism and knowledge. He also enjoys hearing that the childproofing products he uses are often nicer-looking than parents expected. Dustin and his team are members of the International Association for Child Safety.  They attend professional conferences, value continuing education, and connect with other child safety experts to stay up-to-date on industry best practices.

Arvey LevinsohnNancy Dastrup

Nancy Dastrup from Arizona Childproofers volunteering with fellow IAFCS member, Arvey Levinsohn

When Dustin and his team begin working with a new client, the process often starts with education. They discuss parents’ concerns and what was found during their assessment, as well as what the homeowner wants to address. Dustin will then formulate an installation plan. Sometimes the assessment and the installation can occur on the same day.

Dustin sees furniture tip-over hazards as a common and overlooked hazard in the home. He notes, “It doesn’t always occur to parents that big, heavy pieces of furniture can still be tipped over.”

Dustin finds it extremely satisfying when he and his team can devise a solution to a complex childproofing problem that parents are unable to figure out on their own. “Many times parents just don’t have the time to do the childproofing work themselves,” he says, “and we are able to get it done quickly with high-quality products. That is a very good feeling.”