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Rob Carter

Rob Carter – Georgia

PrepareFirst, Inc.

Rob Carter is the owner of PrepareFirst, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia and is the father of three children, ages 7-17. He has worked as a professional childproofer for more than 10 years and has earned the Certified Professional Childproofer designation. Rob believes it is very important to stay current with the latest industry information and best practices because standards and products in this field are constantly evolving. He is committed to being aware of any new developments and offering his clients the highest level of professionalism in keeping their children safe.

Carter familyWhy did you become a childproofer?

I became a professional child safety consultant because I found it quite challenging to provide a safe home environment for my children when they were young. I came to realize that there were many hazards I had not thought of, and many of the products I brought home as the intended “solutions” proved to be ineffective or were simply unattractive. I thought there had to be a better way and I wanted to make it my job (literally) to make the process easier and better for other parents.

Describe one of your most challenging childproofing situations.

The biggest challenges we have faced concern securing large open gaps in modern homes where a major fall could occur. While there are many ways to address this issue, we pride ourselves on solutions which take into account the aesthetics of the home. Often, a solution that looks attractive is not much more expensive and still makes a world of difference in terms of the parents’ ability to enjoy the look of their home throughout the timeframe that the safety measures are needed.

What is one of the most common overlooked hazards in the home?

A baby monitor left within reach of a child in his or her crib is a common hazard. Parents get used to the monitor being nearby while their child is not mobile, but then they fail to move it out of reach once the baby can maneuver around in the crib. Baby monitors should always be placed at least three feet away from the crib.

How do you stay up to date with the best products and best childproofing techniques?

We attend the ABC Kids Expo annually to connect with manufacturers of all the relevant safety products. We also attend IAFCS conferences and review best practice information disseminated regularly by the Association.

What is the benefit that most of your clients experience from using your services?

Our clients appreciate the combination of our deep knowledge of all the products available on the market and our installation expertise. This translates into their getting the best solutions—functionally, aesthetically and financially—to address the specific risks and conditions in their homes.

What is the best feedback you receive from clients?

It would have to be the comment: “We love our gates!” We hear that a lot. Statistically speaking, a major fall is the overall greatest risk children face inside the house throughout their childhood, so having a gate that is working properly 24-7-365 is critical.