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Arvey Levinsohn

Arvey Levinsohn – Illinois

A&H Childproofers

In response to how long he had been working as a childproofer, Arvey Levinsohn of A&H Childproofers laughed, “I started my business in May 1993, but if you love what you do you are never working!” Arvey and his wife have 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren. One of his children, “just never stopped,” she was diagnosed with ADHD before he was childproofing, “but it showed me up close what raising children can be like. I help parents make a safe environment out of what is frequently a chronic chaotic household.”

An Experienced Professional

Arvey earned his Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer designation as soon as it became available through the IAFCS. “It was a no-brainer to become certified to show my experience and expertise.” He is currently the only A-CPC in the Chicago area, but truly values the connections he has developed with Certified Professional Childproofers in other areas.

Education First

Arvey LevinsohnNancy Dastrup

Arvey Levinsohn volunteering with fellow IAFCS member, Nancy Dastrup, from Arizona Childproofers

Most of his Chicago area clients start with his offer of a free estimate, during which he spends much of the time educating parents. He chats and attempts to lighten the mood of what is otherwise a serious subject. Other clients want him to do same-day installations, but either way he always asks them before he leaves, “So, did you learn anything today?”

Typical Challenges

He says his most challenging childproofing installations are frequently in older homes built with low railings and wide baluster spacing. He will perform the work needed whether standard or custom. “Everything is resolvable if the solution offered is accepted by the client.” He installs door and cabinet latches, sliding outlet plates and lots of gates, even 6-8 in some homes. In addition, he anchors furniture and TVs to reduce the chance of tip over.

He finds that the most overlooked hazards he encounters have to do with pressure gates installed at the top of the stairs, TV and dresser tip-overs, and camera monitor cords too close to the crib. He was asked about the best feedback he has received from a client, and he modestly said, “Look at my Facebook page, there are some posted there. I did get a card on Mother’s Day this year thanking me for making a home safe.” Sounds like a compliment!