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Kenny Lynerd – North Carolina

Child Safe Home, Inc.

Kenny Lynerd is the owner of Child Safe Home, Inc, and serves the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. He has been childproofing since 2007, serves on the Executive Committee of SafeKids Wake County and is a Certified Professional Childproofer.

Do you have children?

Yes, I have a daughter who is nine. She was the reason for starting my business when we moved to the Triangle. We moved from a small condo into a two story home. I spent days researching gates, trying to determine the best way to address our staircase. I also realized there was very little in the way of help for a lot of busy parents, who either do not have the time, or the skills to properly install products.

What are the main reasons people choose to work with you, rather than do it themselves?

There are hundreds of products on the market and they are certainly not all made with the same level of quality or practicality. I am able to make sense of this process by showing which products I use and why. I often work with people who are either too busy or just not handy. I assure them that I probably couldn’t do their job either. I also explain there are many things in my home I could probably do myself as well, but choose to hire a professional. I could probably wire an outlet, or do some plumbing. But there are people who are much better equipped to handle these tasks, and my time would be better spent doing what I do best.

What is one of the most overlooked hazards in the home?

I am amazed by how many people do not believe a chest of drawers can be a tipping hazard. I often get challenged on this. Once I pull the drawers out, I can usually tip the piece with my pinky finger. Sometimes I have even had to catch a piece that was falling on its own. Parents understand the importance of anchoring furniture after seeing how easily a chest of drawers can tip. Anchoring furniture is an inexpensive fix for a huge trauma risk.

What is the process when someone considers your services?

I typically will start with a walk through of the home with one or both parents. I am able to show pictures of installations, as well as demonstrate other products I use. I then provide a detailed and itemized quote. From there, my clients can choose what they would like to have me install. It is very typical to make a couple trips into a home, particularly with first-time parents. I am happy to accommodate a family’s needs as a child grows.