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Eduardo Medina – Colombia


Eduardo Medina is the owner of MORADA SEGURA, a childproofing company in Bogotá, Colombia, South America. He has a university degree in industrial design that complements his experience as a childproofer.

What is your favorite thing about working as a childproofer?

My favorite thing is knowing that my work is changing the odds and saving lives. I often get invited to talk in daycares or schools about child safety, so I can create awareness in my community.

Tell us one danger for infants that is very common in your country.

In Colombia, there are no standards for cribs, so basically, manufacturers and carpenters do what they want. Every day, I find myself dealing with cribs that are dangerous for children.

What is the best feedback you receive from clients?

My clients like my home evaluations the most. They are like a safety class. I have been a teacher for more than 14 years, so I love to explain my recommendations and take my time during an evaluation.

How do you stay up-to-date with the best products and best childproofing techniques?

Being a member of the IAFCS helps me stay up-to-date with safety practices. Their resources help us with the safety concerns we have to deal with every day.


Eduardo Medina es el primer Childproofer experto en seguridad infantil en Colombia, miembro de la IAFCS. A diario visita hogares donde un niño está por nacer o donde ya tienen niños. Realiza inspecciones de seguridad infantil en la casa y el auto. Además extiende su labor de crear conciencia por medio de charlas en jardines infatiles, colegios, entre otros.