Today's Featured Professionals

Dustin Dastrup – Arizona

Arizona Childproofers

Dustin Dastrup, of Arizona Childproofers, has been a professional childproofer for ten years. Starting as a pool fence installer, he also learned the childproofing side of the business and earned the Certified Professional Childproofer certification.

Patrick Kinyon – Ohio

Home Safe Home

Patrick Kinyon, owner of Home Safe Home, Inc. has been a professional childproofer since 1997. His business serves Cleveland, OH and the surrounding areas.

Shane McNulty – Colorado

Child Safe

Shane McNulty is the owner of Child Safe and provides childproofing services in Colorado.

Tom Treanor

Thomas Treanor – New York

All Star Baby Proofing

Thomas Treanor is the owner of All Star Baby Proofing, a professional childproofing company serving New York from Manhattan to Montauk and into parts of Connecticut.

Louie Delaware

Louie Delaware – Colorado

Colorado Childproofers, LLC

Louie Delaware is the owner of Colorado Childproofers, LLC and has been in the business for over ten years. He holds an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer certification.

Bill Brooner

Bill Brooner – Maryland

Baby Proofing Montgomery

Bill Brooner is the owner of Baby Proofing Montgomery, serving Central Maryland (including Baltimore), the Washington DC metro area and northern Virginia. He is a Certified Professional Childproofer.

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