Today's Featured Professionals

Dustin Dastrup – Arizona

Arizona Childproofers

Dustin Dastrup, of Arizona Childproofers, has been a professional childproofer for ten years. Starting as a pool fence installer, he also learned the childproofing side of the business and earned the Certified Professional Childproofer certification.

David Sarner

David Sarner – New York

Childproofers, Inc.

David Sarner is the owner of Childproofers, Inc. He has been in business since 2001 and is a Certified Professional Childproofer.

Daniel Leeds – Florida

Full House Babyproofing

Daniel Leeds is the owner of Full House Babyproofing, a professional childproofing company based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Patti Laird

Patti Norton – Florida

Safer Kids and Homes

Patti Norton is the owner of Safer Kids and Homes, from the Miami area. She holds the Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer certification from the IAFCS.

Eduardo Medina – Colombia

Morada Segura

Eduardo Medina is the owner of MORADA SEGURA, a childproofing company in Bogotá, Colombia, South America. He is the only member of the IAFCS in Colombia. He has a university degree in industrial design that complements his experience as a childproofer.

Bob Wydra

Bob Wydra – North Carolina

A Safe Child

Bob Wydra, owner of A Safe Child, holds the Certified Professional Childproofer certification and has been in the industry for 14 years. His business serves the Charlotte, NC area.

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