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Why Toilet Locks are Important

Safety Tips for….Toilets! Yes, toddlers love them and parents need to be one step ahead of their curious baby!

Top 10 Tips for Buying Fun and Safe Toys

Tips from a toy safety expert to help you buy safe toys for your children.

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Outdoors

Spring and summer are great seasons for spending time outside with your kids. Learn how you can prevent injuries when your children are playing outside.

Staying Safe at the Pool

Keep pool safety in mind and create layers of protection to keep your family safe. Layers of protection to prevent drowning include adult supervision, high door locks, alarms, a four-sided pool fence and CPR training.

Why Hire a Professional Childproofer?

Are you ready to childproof your home and not sure where to start? There are safety professionals available who work with families and solve babyproofing challenges.