Home pools and hot tubs have lots of risks. Keep your children and other youngsters safe this summer around the pool or hot tub.

Follow these 10 tips for pool & hot tub safety.

  1. If a child is missing, look in the pool area first.
  2. In the home, install higher door latches or exit alarms on doors and windows leading to the pool area (54” or greater).
  3. A non-climbable pool safety fence should completely surround the pool, be at least four feet tall and include a self-closing, self-latching gate with child-resistant latches.
  4. Have a professional inspect your pool to ensure safety equipment is installed correctly, pool lights should be low voltage to eliminate the risk of electrocution and drain covers are safe.
  5. Remind children they must ask permission to use the pool and never be in the pool without an adult present.
  6. Mark the safe areas around the pool where children are allowed to practice diving. Mark the depth of the pool at regular intervals.
  7. Always have a life ring or hook near the pool in a visible place.
  8. Maintain constant adult supervision while children are in the pool using the Water Watcher system.
  9. Learn CPR and First Aid skills. Have a phone at poolside for emergencies.
  10. Teach children water rescue and swimming skills but know these do not take the place of active adult supervision.

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