Take a few minutes to review these tips to help keep your family safe as the weather warms up.

  • If possible, keep windows closed and locked.
  • When opening a window for ventilation, use windows located out of a child’s reach, such as the upper sash of a double-hung window.
  • Avoid placing furniture near windows to prevent young children from climbing and gaining access to an open window. This includes beds, children’s chairs, or large toys that might be used for climbing.
  • Don’t allow children to jump on beds or other furniture to help reduce potential falls.
  • Don’t rely on insect screens to prevent a window fall. Insect screens are designed to keep bugs out, not to keep children in.
  • Install devices designed to limit how far a window will open or window guards (select options with quick-release mechanisms in case of fire or emergency exit) to help prevent a fall.