• Store prescriptions, nonprescription medicines, vitamins, cosmetics, and cleaners up and away in locked cabinets.
  • Use child-resistant caps for all your medications. However, child-resistant is not the same as child-proof — some young children may be able to open child-resistant caps. Never leave pills on countertops.
  • Store toiletries, mouthwash, perfumes, hair sprays, nail polish, and nail polish remover up and way in locked cabinets.
  • Store cleaning products (bleach, drain cleaner, etc.) in their original containers and up and away in locked cabinets or closets.
  • Be aware of “look a-like” poisons, where a dangerous substance is packaged similarly to a safe substance. Some examples are: a cleaning liquid that is the same color and bottle shape of juice.
  • All hazardous substances should be stored in original packaging with the original labeling which might be needed if you need to call a poison center.
  • Keep cleaning wipes away from other wipes meant to be used on skin to avoid mix-ups.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinets periodically, and dispose of expired or unneeded medications responsibly. Click here for disposal guidelines provided by the FDA.

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