10 Holiday Party Safety Tips

  1. BE CAREFUL OF OTHER HOMES you may be visiting because they may not be childproofed and your child may have access to a wide range of hazards.
  2. CLEAN UP PROMPTLY after a holiday party so that children don’t have an opportunity to ingest food or alcohol left over by your guests.
  3. KEEP HOT FOOD AND DRINKS AT A SAFE DISTANCE from children who may try to touch them if they are too close to the perimeter of a table, tablecloth or counter.
  4. CHECK FOR SMALL PARTS that are part of toys or decorations. If it fits in an empty toilet paper roll, consider it a choking hazard for young children.
  5. STORE CANDY SAFELY away from babies and toddlers since it might be a choking hazard.
  6. USE BATTERY OPERATED LIGHTS VS. CANDLES and be particularly cautious of “button” or coin-sized batteries that might be used in these products and can cause serious injuries if swallowed (select models that are secured with screws).
  7. TURN OFF ALL HOLIDAY LIGHTS when going to bed or leaving the house to avoid fire risk.
  8. AVOID PLACING BREAKABLE OR HOLIDAY DECORATIONS where a child can reach them and become injured. Protect children from sharp surfaces or choking hazards.
  9. COOK ON THE BACK BURNERS and keep pot handles turned away from the front of the stove.
  10. SECURE APPLIANCE CORDS so they do not hang over the side of counters where a child can grab hold of them. With busy holiday cooking, keep children out of the kitchen and consider the use of baby gates.