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Jennifer Murray

Jennifer Murray – Texas

Austin Babyproofing Company

Jennifer Murray is the owner of Austin Babyproofing Company in Texas. She has earned the Certified Professional Childproofer certification.

What is your favorite thing about working as a childproofer?

I love to pass along knowledge. I like to act as a coach and teacher to new parents working on their child’s safety.

Do you have kids of your own?

I have two girls, six and four years old. Being a parent has absolutely helped me to be a better child proofer. My youngest daughter, especially, gives me insight into potential hazards. She frequently tested limits and pushed boundaries.

Describe the process when someone considers working with you. Do you provide estimates first?

I start with a safety consultation in the client’s home. I walk around the home with the client to discuss safety basics and to develop a plan for addressing major hazards. I also bring samples of child safety products to demonstrate.

Then, I leave a written, room-by-room report that lists the hazards found and recommendations for addressing those hazards. The report contains an estimate for installation of any recommended products. Clients can tailor the installation plan to suit their lifestyle, budget, timing, etc. My installations are done at a return visit because I like parents to have a chance to discuss and envision the child proofing plan with their family, without pressure.

Is there a typical child proofing job?

Each home and family is unique so there really isn’t a typical job. However, putting in gates at the top and bottom of the stairs is the most common request, followed by cabinet and drawer latches.

Why are safety gates such a challenge?

Gate manufacturers design and test their gates to be placed between two parallel and neatly vertical surfaces. They do not account for molding, hand rails, steps, spindles, newel posts or any other design idiosyncrasy. I enjoy solving the puzzle of putting in a gate on an unusual set of stairs in a way that looks good and maintains safety standards.

What is a commonly overlooked hazard you see in homes?

Many homes in our region have an upstairs play area at the top of the stairs with an open railing or balcony to below. Parents are often shocked when I point out that toys, furniture, chairs, or anything near the edge could be used to climb over the rail. There is a huge risk for a fall. Even if these items are not currently placed near the edge, parents need to consider removing them from the room to prevent a child from moving them and climbing up and over the railing.

What feedback do you get from your clients?

Using professional child proofing services saves my clients time: time researching which products are high quality; time figuring out which products would work in their specific home’s construction; time figuring out how to install products; time running back and forth to the baby supply store or the hardware store.