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Bob Wydra

Bob Wydra – North Carolina

A Safe Child

Bob Wydra is the owner of A Safe Child, serving the Charlotte, NC area. He has been in the childproofing industry for 14 years and holds the Certified Professional Childproofer certification, noting that “I wanted to show my professionalism and differentiate myself as a child safety expert.” Bob enjoys connecting with parents and problem solving. In addition, he enjoys providing education about safety issues that parents can share with others.

Describe the process when someone considers working with you.

Initially, I connect with parents on the phone to learn about their needs, the age of their children and when they want products installed. I usually meet with clients in their homes for a home evaluation which lasts about 1.5 hours and I revisit the home for installation about 1 to 2 weeks later.

What are the main reasons people choose to work with you, rather than do it themselves?

We can often childproof a home in one day but it could take parents many weeks to find and install products. Our clients call me so their childproofing is done safely and correctly. We take away the worry, especially when installing pool fences around pools. Clients have said “we are so glad you are here because we haven’t been able to sleep at all because of our pool.”

Many of our clients struggle with the installation of baby gates. They want a safe gate but they also want it to look attractive. Clients are pleasantly surprised that we can use gates that look nice in their home!

Describe one of your most challenging childproofing situations and how you made it work.

Some homes have a top step that is notched into the floor. Parents can only envision putting a gate one step down or a gate with a dangerous gap which is an entrapment risk for a child. The other option parents try is a multi-sectional gate but it might be too big for their hallway. Also, multi-sectional gates can’t be installed directly at the top of the stairs because there is a bar in the gate panel that is a tripping hazard. I use a gate with a special extension that works with this challenge and there is no tripping hazard.

What is one of the most commonly overlooked hazards in the home?

Child-resistant outlets. I have learned that many builders tell my clients that their child-resistant outlets are childproof. Children who watch you insert and remove outlet plugs might learn how to do it themselves. Also, a laptop cord can be disconnected while it is still plugged into an outlet, still posing a hazard even though it is plugged into a tamper-resistant outlet.