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Bill Brooner

Bill Brooner – Maryland

Baby Proofing Montgomery

Bill Brooner is the owner of Baby Proofing Montgomery, serving Central Maryland (including Baltimore), the Washington DC metro area and northern Virginia. A father of two and grandfather of four, he was inspired to start his business after helping his daughter childproof her home. Bill was previously a home inspector for many years and truly enjoys helping families make their homes safer for their children. He earned the Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer certification and believes that “certification is helpful for continuing education, as well as a public certification for our industry that provides insight about our knowledge and skills.”

Helping Families Overcome Challenges

Bill feels that his company’s mission is about overcoming challenges and providing solutions for families to help keep their children safe. They conduct a thorough in-home safety evaluation, including a room by room walk-through and a review of their product catalog to discuss any recommendations. Clients are usually pleasantly surprised and appreciative about how much they learn from the safety evaluation.

Bill follows up each evaluation with a written assessment of the areas of concern, including a list of recommended solutions and the associated material and installation costs. He then schedules the installation after the client approves the recommended solutions, products, and costs.

Bill enjoys working with his clients and stated, “Many people are overwhelmed and confused by the variety of products on the market. We take the stress and frustration out of childproofing a home.”

Overlooked Hazards

Toddlers can easily remove the rubber caps that are on the end of door stops and then they often swallow them. The knobs on stoves are another commonly overlooked hazard. If possible, they should be covered with a shield so children can’t turn the stove on. Too often, toddlers use the knob to turn on the stove and then reach for the flame.

Staying Up-to-Date

Bill regularly talks to his suppliers and members of the professional association to get updates on new materials and practices. He attends the annual meeting for professional childproofers which is the best opportunity to network with colleagues on best practices as well as learn about new products and techniques.

Each home is unique and has its own challenges but Bill and his team know what products work best. Their trained evaluators and expert installers have a keen eye for identifying the common and not-so-common potential hazards in a home. They take the guesswork out of product selection and installation.

Bill notes that Baby Proofing Montgomery has grown into a wonderful team of dedicated individuals. “We all genuinely care about helping parents and caregivers provide a safer environment for children. We are a family helping other families in our community.”