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Louie Delaware

Louie Delaware – Colorado

Colorado Childproofers, LLC

Louie Delaware is the owner of Colorado Childproofers, LLC, and father of two children. He has been in the business for over ten years, and has recently published a book called How To Childproof Your Home. Delaware earned his Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer certification three years ago, and is part of the IAFCS’ Best Practices Committee, which focuses on industry practices for the selection and installation of childproofing products.

Completing the Job

Delaware starts his childproofing jobs by going to the client’s home and doing a Home & Child Survey. During this survey, he goes room by room, level by level of the home, including the outside, to identify existing hazards. Once this is complete, he will give advice on what should be done. “It’s not just the obvious things like moving an item away from a railing or window,” he notes, but “helping to educate parents about the other things their child could get into.”

Once the client has decided what they want done, Delaware and his team can usually schedule and finish the job in 1-2 weeks. When the installation is complete, the team does a walk-through of the home to give more instruction about how to use and remove the various items that are installed.

Furniture and TV tip-overs are the most overlooked hazards in the home, notes Delaware. Usually his clients are surprised when he points out the dangers of unanchored furniture. Another dangerous item that sometimes gets missed is a video monitor placed on the top of the crib’s railing. Baby monitor cords are a strangulation hazard so monitors should be placed at least three feet away from the crib, well out of baby’s reach.

Making a Difference

Delaware enjoys the positive feedback he gets from clients, especially if they move and use him again. “Parents tell me that they feel great knowing the job was done properly and with better solutions that what they considered.”